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New York, New York, July 5, 2016 – The American Arbitration Association® (AAA®), the leading provider of dispute resolution services, now offers various resources for those considering an alternative to fully-administered arbitration. The AAA’s À La Carte Services do not require end-toend case administration, but permit parties to use various services as stand-alone procedures. It is the mission of the AAA to provide alternative dispute resolution (ADR) solutions for parties with varying needs for administration.

These services maintain the high standards of the AAA, but allow parties to pick and choose the processes for their specific needs. For instance, Arbitrator Select is an option where users can obtain a list of arbitrators best suited for their dispute. This option also offers parties assistance in appointing an arbitrator.

“We are always surveying the market and saw a need for ad hoc services within the ADR user community,” explains Robert Matlin, Esq., Senior Vice President, AAA Commercial and Construction Divisions. “Even if the AAA isn’t involved any further in a case than providing these services, we want to ensure that these stand-alone options are available.”

In addition to Arbitrator Select, the following services are available:

 Arbitrator Challenge Review Procedures

 CaseXplorer® Arbitration™

 Optional Appellate Arbitration Rules

 Judicial Settlement Conference

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About the American Arbitration Association The not-for-profit American Arbitration Association (AAA) has administered approximately 4.1 million alternative dispute resolution (ADR) cases since its founding in 1926. With 23 offices in the United States, in addition to Mexico, Singapore, and Bahrain, the AAA provides organizations of all sizes in virtually every industry with ADR services and products. The AAA’s international division, the International Centre for Dispute Resolution® (ICDR®), extends the AAA’s quality legacy globally. For more information, visit