About the CIArb

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) is the world’s leading professional body for promoting the settlement of disputes by arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods.

Founded in 1915, CIArb was granted a Royal Charter in 1979. CIArb promotes the use of ADR internationally through 16,000 professionally qualified members in over 133 countries, including Singapore.

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The CIArb’s objectives include the global promotion, facilitation and development of all forms of private dispute resolution to maximise the contribution that dispute resolution practitioners make and to give users of ADR confidence in that process.

CIArb seeks to ensure the highest standards of knowledge and practice in alternative dispute resolution through its professional education and training programmes, internationally recognised qualifications, professional guidelines and codes of conduct, together with its wide range of information and other support facilities for its members.

The Institute seeks to support not just arbitrators, mediators and other professional dispute resolvers, but the wide range of people involved in the field, including, professional advisers, lawyers, expert witnesses, as well, of course, as parties involved in disputes. We work with other institutions and associations and are able to offer special rates for certain of our courses.


Singapore branch

Originally a Chapter of the East Asia Branch, in May 2009, the CIArb Board of Trustees approved the designation of CIArb Singapore as a Branch in its own right. This reflected the standing of the many CIArb members in Singapore who contribute to the continued growth of the arbitration and dispute resolution industry.

The Singapore Branch, currently has 477 members, including many leading lights of the regional ADR scene.

Membership Statistics
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Singapore is now recognised as a leading international arbitration hub.

The Singapore Branch provides education and training for arbitrators, mediators, adjudicators, lawyers, experts and allied professionals in arbitration and ADR. Our courses offer a progressive educational ‘ladder’ suitable for newcomers and skilled practitioners alike.

Our educational courses qualify participants for membership of CIArb as an Associate (ACIArb), Member (MCIArb) or Fellow (FCIArb). These internationally-recognised qualifications provide a powerful mark of quality assurance.

In addition, we hold talks and workshops that enable attendees to keep abreast of changes in the legal environment, develop their knowledge and skills, network with industry peers and exchange ideas. The Singapore Branch is just one of a growing network of CIArb branches across the world, offering members the opportunity to communicate and network globally with likeminded professionals.

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) Singapore Branch is pleased to announce that the Honourable Justice Quentin Loh has accepted the Branch’s invitation to be its Patron.


Chairman’s message

Sandosham_Paul_colour_cropped_2018 resizedDear Members,

I am privileged to be given the opportunity to lead the Singapore branch of CIArb as Chairman of the branch. On behalf of the branch, I would first like to express my thanks to Chou Sean Yu for ably leading the branch for the last two years. During his tenure, Sean has overseen the organisation and implementation of various initiatives and numerous new events. I would also like thank our retiring directors, Mr. Raja Bose and Mr. Simon Dunbar for serving on the board for the past 7 and 2 years respectively.

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My congratulations to Mr. Tan Chuan Thye SC and Mr. Mahesh Rai for being elected to the board, and I look forward to their contributions towards the work of the branch. With the support of the board, I am happy to announce that Ms. Sapna Jhangiani has accepted the role of Vice-Chairman of the board. I am confident that she will help drive many of the initiatives that the branch has planned for this coming year. Mr. Jonathan Choo and Mr. Richard Hayler have kindly agreed to continue serving as the Hon. Secretary and Treasurer respectively of the branch.

There is much for me to report on relating to the activities of the branch in the past year, but I will focus on the some of the highlights of the year. On the training front, the branch conducted arbitration courses in the region, including in Ho Chi Minh. The other highlight was the inaugural Regional Branch Conference we hosted at the Raffles City Convention Centre on 23 April 2019 where we had over 180 of delegates from across the world attending. We were honoured to have the Honourable Justice Quentin, Loh, our branch patron, deliver the keynote address. It would be remiss of me not to thank Chou Sean Yu, Amanda Lees and Timothy Cooke for their superb effort in putting together this most successful conference. The conference also saw the launch of the CIArb Guidelines of Witness Conferencing, a project that was conceived and led by the Singapore branch.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the co-Chairs of the branch’s sub-committees and thank them for leading the sub-committees:

  1. Professional Development: Chou Sean Yu / Richard Tan
  2. Events & Social: Amanda Lees / Sandra Somers
  3. Publications & Website: Jonathan Choo / Shaun Lee
  4. Young Members: Mahesh Rai / Benson Lim

Please do keep a lookout for our upcoming events on our website, and I look forward to meeting all of you at our upcoming events.

Paul Sandosham, Chartered Arbitrator, FCIArb
Chairman, Singapore Branch
June 2019

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Get involved

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