The Singapore Branch held its 5th AGM on 28 August 2015. At the board meeting after the AGM, the following office bearers were appointed:

Francis Xavier SC (Chairman)
Chou Sean Yu (Vice-Chairman)
Jonathan Choo (Hon. Secretary)
Richard Hayler (Hon. Treasurer)

Francis Xavier SC took over from Richard Tan (who had served his maximum 2-terms as Chairman) as Chairman of the Singapore Branch with effect from 3 September 2015. We are very thankful to Richard for his efforts in leading the Branch these past years, especially in the area of professional development. Under his leadership, the Branch increased its footprint in Singapore and regionally, particularly through training workshops. As immediate past Chairman, Richard will remain as a Director of the Board.

At the AGM itself, Richard Tan who presided as Chairman took the meeting through a Directors’ Report which set out in detail the events, courses and activities of the Branch in the previous year. This included the holding of the 2-day Intellectual Property, Media and Technology Arbitration Symposium (IPMTAS) in March 2014 (led by an organising committee headed by Jonathan Choo); an EGM in June 2015 to amend the Articles of Association of the Branch to enable members to vote (led by an ad hoc committee headed by Chou Sean Yu); and the recent launch of the Branch’s new website (led by an organising committee headed by Jonathan Choo). The Chairman also recognised the efforts of Paul Sandosham and his organising committee for their role in overseeing preparations for the CIArb Centenary Conference held on 3 and 4 September 2015; and thanked other board members for their contributions in organising various events such as the Young Members Group Essay Competitions (now in their third year), the Members’ Evenings and the golf tripartite events with the Asean Law Association and the Singapore Corporate Counsel Association (now also in their third year). The Chairman also announced the retirement of Rajan Menon as a Director and thanked Rajan for his assistance and contribution over the years. Click here for the Minutes of the 5th AGM.

At the board meeting after the AGM, in addition to appointing the office bearers, the board of directors also unanimously agreed that Amanda Lees and Sapna Jhangiani would be co-opted as Directors of the Board. With Rajan Menon’s recent retirement as a Director, the Singapore Branch currently has 16 Directors.

Board of Directors: 2015
1. Francis Xavier SC (Chairman)
2. Chou Sean Yu (Vice-Chairman)
3. Jonathan Choo (Hon. Secretary)
4. Richard Hayler (Hon. Treasurer)
5. Richard Tan (Immediate Past Chairman)
6. Raja Bose
7. Timothy Cooke
8. Benjamin Giaretta
9. Alastair Henderson
10. Sapna Jhangiani
11. Amanda Lees
12. Kent Phillips
13. Balasamy Rengarajoo
14. Paul Sandosham
15. Matthew Wills
16. Andrew Yeo