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In June 2016, CIArb’s Practice and Standards Committee (PSC) published four new International Arbitration Guidelines, bringing the number of new Guidelines published in the last ten months to seven. The latest topics include guidance on awards in three parts covering: drafting, costs and interest, as well as a Guideline on how to deal with party non-participation.

The Guidelines are designed for international commercial arbitrations and are not based on the laws of any particular jurisdiction and/or arbitration rules, the recommended good practice principles and standards are equally applicable in domestic arbitrations.

Commenting on the new Guidelines, Tim Hardy, Chair of the Institute’s Practice and Standards Committee, said:

“We are very proud of our work. It has been exacting but, in the end, very rewarding to produce something that has been so well received.  In the last six months we have received messages from arbitrators, counsel, trainers and students from all over the world complimenting us on the Guidelines and telling us how useful they found them in practice, which is exactly what they were intended for.

The Guidelines are not written in stone, they are intended to be living, breathing documents that will be updated and improved regularly so anyone with comments or suggestions is invited to send them to the PSC’s dedicated email address and they will be sure to be considered.”

Professor Dr. Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab FCIArb, Founding Partner and Head of International Arbitration, Zulficar & Partners, and member of the PSC practising in Egypt and the Mena region added:

“The new Guidelines tackle hot and controversial issues and appear to be very well received. As an arbitrator, I am increasingly witnessing parties, from the MENA region, making references to them in their submissions and applications. It is indeed a commendable and colossal effort by the CIArb.”

Article originally published on 28 June 2016.