Entry to CIArb membership (Associate, Member, and Fellow) depends on your skills, knowledge and experience.  We have therefore a range of membership grades to adequately encompass all interested participants from complete novices to experienced practitioners.


This entry-level Introductory Certificate qualification is ideal if you have some knowledge of ADR and are keen to take your first step in a dispute resolution career or to enhance your own personal and professional development. As well as access to all of CIArb’s member benefits, joining as an Associate allows you to use the post-nominal letters ACIArb after your name.

Once you have become a CIArb Associate, you can progress through CIArb’s world renowned training programme to become a CIArb Member or CIArb Fellow.

To qualify to become an Associate:

If you have some practical experience of ADR, or have completed a CIArb-accredited academic course, you may be able to become an Associate without taking an introductory course.


If you already have some ADR experience and are looking to gain an internationally recognised qualification, this Advanced Certificate qualification is right for you. As well as access to all of CIArb’s member benefits, joining as a Member allows you to use the post-nominal letters MCIArb after your name.

Once you have become a CIArb Member, you can progress through CIArb’s world renowned training programme to become a CIArb Fellow.

To qualify to become a Member:

If you are not an Associate but are legally qualified and have some experience of Arbitration, CIArb offers an Accelerated Route to Membership course


This high-level Diploma qualification is designed for experienced dispute resolution practitioners looking for international recognition for their skills.

To qualify to become a Fellow:

If you have a professional legal background and significant arbitration or adjudication experience, CIArb offers an Accelerated Route to Fellowship course. For experienced practitioners, our Experienced Practitioner Route may offer you entry at Fellowship, depending on your academic legal qualifications.

Chartered Arbitrator Status

In order to become a Chartered Arbitrator, an applicant must:

  • be a Fellow of CIArb through the arbitration route;
  • complete and return an Interview Registration Form and pass a Chartered Arbitrator interview with a panel of 3 approved interviewers.

Further information is included in the Information for Candidates leaflet and The Guidance 5th Edition

The Interview fee is S$350 nett. Click here for information on how to apply to be included on the Panel of Commercial and Civil Mediators or Panel of Construction Adjudicators.

Student affiliateship

CIArb offers a student affiliateship scheme for all students with an interest in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), studying at universities or other higher education institutions throughout the world.

Student affiliateship is free to join and is open to anyone studying at a University or other higher educational institution who is not otherwise qualified to join the CIArb at any other membership grade.

Student affiliateship offers many excellent benefits including:

  • access to global professional standards, guidance and law updates;
  • access to our ADR student on-line networking and discussion forum;
  • discounts on CPD accredited CIArb courses, conferences and seminars;
  • News and information including The Resolver Magazine, regular CIArb updates, our members’ forum and a weekly Linex Legal alerter service (worth £100)
  • Access to the latest thinking in ADR, including free subscription to CIArb’s leading quarterly journal, Arbitration (worth over £200), academic studies and research, and access to CIArb’s library
  • your local CIArb Branch newsletter and discounted entry to local events;
  • access to our on-line library of CIArb publications, including issues of The Journal dating back to 1915.

Discounts on CIArb conferences, events, books and other services.

Retired membership

An Associate, Member or Fellow who has retired from his primary profession and who is no longer, nor will be, engaged in any occupation, directly or indirectly concerned with dispute resolution as an advisor, or practitioner, on a fee-earning basis may apply to be transferred to Retired membership status.

In accordance with Bye-law 9.9 and Regulation 16.4, a member who has been transferred to Retired membership status will remain entitled to ordinary privileges of membership, save that:

(i) if the member wishes to signify his continued membership of the Institute (on his letterhead, website, email signature or otherwise) he must include the word ‘Retired’ after his designatory letters i.e. ACIArb (Retired), MCIArb (Retired) or FCIArb (Retired).

(ii) he shall not be entitled to receive invitations to and vote at general meetings; and

(iii) he shall not be entitled to stand for election as an Honorary Officer or as a member of the Board of Trustees or take part in the management of the Institute. He will be entitled to stand for election to his Branch Committee and/or to serve as a member of any advisory Committee of Institute.

Retired members will still receive the quarterly Journals and copies of The Resolver magazine. Where applicable, a retired members’ name will be removed from any CIArb Panel.

The subscription fee for this class of membership is £60.00. However if members are resident in a reduced rate country then this fee is reduced to £48.00.

If you wish to transfer to this category, and comply with the necessary criteria, please complete the application form and send it to: secretariat@ciarb.org.sg

Retired members will be asked to complete an annual form confirming continued retired status, as well as an Annual Conduct Declaration.

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