The CIArb (Singapore Branch) Competition 2017

The CIArb (Singapore Branch) competition for 2017 concerns witness conferencing in international arbitration. You are the chair of the tribunal. The evidentiary hearing is due to take place soon. At a pre-hearing conference call to discuss the issue of witness evidence, the members of the tribunal and the parties’ representatives have different views on and cannot agree how evidence should be taken.

As the presiding arbitrator, you have to rule on the procedure to be adopted. You will need to prepare a draft order for discussion with your co-arbitrators, and some notes so that you can explain your order and persuade your co-arbitrators to adopt it.

Full details of the competition can be found in the competition pack which can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. Please contact if you have any difficulties accessing the document.

We look forward to receiving your submissions by 1 November 2017!


Competition Papers 2017-02

         Click here for competition papers.