For almost a century CIArb membership has provided a prestigious qualification demonstrating excellence in ADR.

With around 16,000 members worldwide working in sectors as diverse as finance, construction, oil & gas and agriculture in 149 countries worldwide, we pride ourselves on being a truly global organisation.

Many of our members are active ADR professionals, while others become members for their own personal development, interest or to enhance their careers.

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We offer support to our international membership* through a range of benefits and activities, including:

  • Use of internationally recognised post-nominal letters (ACIArb, MCIArb, FCIArb)
  • Access to a worldwide community of ADR professionals
  • Global networking opportunities
  • Continuing professional development (CPD)
  • News and information including The Resolver Magazine, regular CIArb updates, our members’ forum and a weekly Linex Legal alerter service (worth SGD200)
  • Professional advice and guidance including a dispute resolution advice service and authoritative practice guidelines
  • Access to the latest thinking in ADR, including free subscription to CIArb’s leading quarterly journal, Arbitration (worth over SGD400), academic studies and research, and access to CIArb’s library
  • Access to CIArb Advantage*, a members’ benefits package offering members discounts on everyday products and services including hotels, books and insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance cover
  • Discounts on CIArb conferences, events, books and other services

With nearly 40 branches worldwide*, we can ensure that all of our members have access to CIArb training and benefits, wherever they are in the world. Most importantly, CIArb’s international reputation and academic rigour provide our members with a powerful mark of quality assurance to help open doors.

*CIArb advantage benefits is designed with UK residents in mind and some benefits may not be suitable or available worldwide.


How to join us?

At CIArb we understand that our members come to us from a wide variety of backgrounds. We therefore offer three different grades of membership (Associate, Member, and Fellow) depending on your particular skills, knowledge and experience. With the help of our world-renowned training scheme, there are many opportunities to upgrade to another level of membership as your ADR experience develops.

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Membership Fees

Annual membership subscription rates are based on your membership grade, the country you live in, and for new members, are calculated on a pro-rata basis according to the date you join. Click here for more details.