CIArb Singapore regularly holds talks, workshops and other events that enable members to keep abreast of changes in the legal environment, develop their knowledge and skills, network with industry peers and exchange ideas.

Upcoming Events

Singapore International Arbitration Forum (SIAF) 2015 (30 September 2015)

Many conferences focus on the important question of what to expect next in international arbitration in Asia. In the 4th Singapore International Arbitration Forum, we propose to go beyond that question. We propose to go beyond Asia, to go beyond arbitration, to look beyond the horizon. We propose to explore what the winds of international dispute resolution are bringing our way and, despite oft-repeated predictions, might well not be bringing our way.

Leading practitioners and academics will use both their intellect and experience to look beyond the standard conversations about investment treaty arbitration, “Asian international” commercial arbitration, and mediation of cross-border disputes.

Turning first to investor-state dispute resolution, why is the common assumption that ISDS is bearing down on Asia like a storm? Do the much-feared investor-state arbitration mechanisms in Asian FTAs and BITs even matter in practice? Will disputes, and arbitration of those disputes, be different with or without treaty ISDS mechanisms in place? Can and will Asia, as a “late mover”, benefit from the last two decades of investment treaty arbitration “jurisprudence”– will Asian parties follow the leader, avoid the pitfalls, ignore the outliers? Is there real cross-pollination between the anticipated practice of investor-state arbitration and the established practice of international commercial arbitration?

And just how established is “international” commercial arbitration in Asia? To be blunt, is Asia part of “international” or is it not? As foreign investment increases in Asia, there is much talk about how Asia needs increasing expertise in international commercial arbitration. The talk tends to ignore underlying questions, some of them inconvenient. How and when will Asian law societies, bars and courts be really open to international expertise? How and when will the “international arbitration community” be really open to Asian arbitrators and advocates, for non-Asian disputes? In the context of reciprocity, are leading international arbitrators and practitioners overlooking the growing reality that they need Asia as much as (they think) Asia needs them? In pushing against this horizon, how do we walk the fine line between cultural differences, cultural sensitivities and political correctness?

Finally, can we see beyond the fixed horizon of arbitration-litigation to successful mediation of international disputes? With the launch of the Singapore International Mediation Center, can Singapore make progress toward the so-far elusive goal of early mediation of complex international commercial and investor-state disputes? Thinking more ambitiously, could Singapore be an “early mover” and leader here? What legal and practical infrastructure is necessary? Who and what might work to change defeatist and negative attitudes, especially involving investor-state mediation? Is there hope of breathing life into the “cooling off” negotiation period before investors can initiate ISDS cases?

Click here for the full brochure on SIAF 2015.

CIArb Singapore Centenary Conference: The Age Of Innovation: Addressing The Perils & Promises Of Arbitration (3 & 4 September 2015)

To celebrate its Centenary year, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (ClArb) will be holding a series of conferences around the world this year, including in Birmingham, Hong Kong, London and Zambia. The Singapore Branch is honoured to be hosting the final celebratory conference, entitled The Age of Innovation: Addressing the Perils and Promises of Arbitration on 3 & 4 September 2015 at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

ClArb is delighted to announce that the Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, Chief Justice of Singapore and the current patron of ClArb, will be the Keynote Speaker at the Conference.

The Singapore Conference will also see the launch of the new ClArb Guidelines, which set out good arbitration practice. The two-day conference will see a distinguished line-up of speakers from around the world discuss hot topics in the international arbitration world. There will be numerous networking opportunities with senior legal and arbitration practitioners and in-house legal counsel attending from across the region at the conference luncheons cocktail reception and at the gala dinner on the closing night. This conference is a must attend for every arbitration practitioner and legal counsel involved in international arbitration.

Click here for the registration details of the CIArb Singapore Centenary Conference.

CIArb Singapore Branch International Arbitration Essay Competition 2015 (14 August 2015)

The CIArb Singapore Branch in conjunction with 39 Essex Chambers invites young arbitration practitioners to enter the CIArb Singapore Branch International Arbitration Essay Competition 2015. The Essay Competition is being run this year in conjunction with the CIArb Singapore Centenary Conference. The title for the 2015 Essay Competition is: “Innovation in international arbitration: does the Emperor need new clothes?” Entries are invited for this Essay Competition from persons below the age of 45 working or resident in Asia at the date the entry is submitted. The Closing Date for entries is 14 August 2015. Attractive cash prizes will be awarded to the winner and the runner up, who will also be invited to the Centenary Conference Gala Dinner to be held on 4 September 2015. Click here for the full brochure on the essay competition.


Past Events – 2015

3rd ALA(S)-CIArb-SCCA Friendly Triangular Golf Game (25 June 2015)

The third edition of the friendly triangular golf game, which was held at the Seletar Country Club, helped to forge stronger ties among the ASEAN Law Association (Singapore), The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Singapore) and The Singapore Corporate Counsel Association and to provide a platform for members of the associations to interact with one another.


Past Events – 2014

Arbitration Surgery Workshop (21 November 2014)

This intensive half-day workshop featured SIAC’s innovative arbitration training video to demonstrate the workings of an emergency arbitrator procedure under the latest edition of its Rules – The SIAC Rules (5th Edition, 1 April 2013).

During the course of this workshop, our highly distinguished and experienced panel and moderators , with the aid of various case scenarios, took participants through the very many complex issues that are likely to arise during the course of an emergency arbitrator procedure.

The workshop also featured a mock Emergency Arbitrator hearing to provide practical hands on experience to attendees of the issues that are likely to be encountered.

CIArb Singapore Members’ Evening 2014 (30 July 2014)

This year’s CIArb Singapore Branch Mid-year Members’ Evening was held at the Raffles Hotel on 30 July 2014.

Some 80 members and guests attended, from Singapore and abroad, for an informal evening of drinks and canapés as well as a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues.

We were privileged to have Justice Quentin Loh attend the Member’s Evening as the Guest of Honour.

Members and guests were welcomed by the Chairman of the Branch, Mr Richard Tan, who welcomed new members, spoke briefly about the activities of the Singapore Branch for the past year and acknowledged the members of the Branch who had assisted with its activities.

Plaques of appreciation were presented to Ms Jessica Park of the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center and Ms Lim Seok Hui of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre for the support and assistance of those institutions, particularly for the Intellectual Property, Technology, Media and Technology Arbitration Symposium (IPMTAS) 2014 which had been held earlier in the year.

Justice Quentin Loh then announced the winners of the CIArb Singapore 2014 Essay Competition and presented the prizes. This year’s topic was “Asia’s diversity: the strength of Asia’s arbitration centres lies in their differences not in their similarities”.  This year the competition was open to all persons under the age of 40 working or resident in Asia and a record number of entries was received, with six countries represented.

The essays were judged by a panel consisting of Justice Quentin Loh, Richard Tan as well as Neil Block QC, Edwin Glasgow QC, Peter Rees QC and David Brynmor Thomas from Thirty Nine Essex Street Chambers, which sponsored the competition.   Justice Loh made a short address about the entries, noting their high quality and his difficulty in separating the top candidates despite several stages of review and re-review.

We warmly congratulate the winners of the essay competition who were:

First prize: Mr Benson Lim You Yu

Second prize: Ms Debby Lim Hui Li

Third prize: Mr Gerald Leong

The generous cash prizes for the competition and the drinks for the evening were kindly sponsored by Thirty Nine Essex Street Chambers. The winning essay will be published in a forthcoming issue of the CIArb’s journal Arbitration -The International Journal of Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Management and will be uploaded to this website when published.

After the formalities, members and guests mingled over canapés and free flow of wine and drinks until late into the evening.

For photos of the Members’ Evening, please [click here].

2nd ALA(S)-CIArb-SCCA Friendly Triangular Golf Games ASEAN LAW ASSOCIATION (SINGAPORE) GOLF TOURNAMENT 2014 (27 June 2014)

Friday, 27 June 2014

The second edition of the friendly triangular golf game, which was held at the Keppel Club, helped to forge stronger ties among the ASEAN Law Association (Singapore), The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Singapore) and The Singapore Corporate Counsel Association and to provide a platform for members of the associations to interact with one another. Congratulations to ALA(S) who were the winners on this occasion!

CIArb Singapore Young Member 2014 Essay Competition

The CIArb Singapore Branch in conjunction with Thirty Nine Essex Street Chambers held the 2014 CIArb Singapore Young Members Group Essay Competition. The Essay Title was “Asia’s diversity: the strength of Asia’s arbitration centres lies in their differences not in their similarities”
The competition was open to below the age of 40 working or resident in Asia at the date the entry is submitted. They need not be members of the CIArb.  Attractive prizes will be awarded to the winners and the winning essay published.

The essays were judged by a panel consisting of Justice Quentin Loh, Richard Tan as well as Neil Block QC, Edwin Glasgow QC, Peter Rees QC and David Brynmor Thomas from Thirty Nine Essex Street Chambers, which sponsored the competition.  The winners were announced by Justice Quentin Loh at the 2014 Members’ Evening, where Justice Loh noted the high quality of the entries and his difficulty in separating the top candidates despite several stages of review and re-review..

We warmly congratulate the winners of the essay competition who were:

First prize: Mr Benson Lim You Yu
Second prize: Ms Debby Lim Hui Li
Third prize: Mr Gerald Leong

Does Combining Mediation and Arbitration really work? (28 May 2014)

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

At this talk, we examined the pros and cons of combining mediation with arbitration, as well as the great care has to be taken when combining these two processes, so as not to water down the efficacy of these two entirely different techniques.

It is often said that there are many advantages of combining mediation with arbitration, whether this be with the same individual acting first as arbitrator, turning into a mediator and then back to an arbitrator, should the mediation not be successful, or with a separate arbitrator and mediator.  Arbitration legislation, not only in Singapore but elsewhere in the world recognises the former technique, notwithstanding criticisms, particularly from a common law perspective.  On the other hand, certain civil law jurisdictions and the People’s Republic of China endorse the concept of an arbitrator turned mediator.

Supporting Organization of WIPO Workshop for Mediators in Intellectual Property Disputes (22 - 23 May 2014)

WIPO Workshop for Mediators in Intellectual Property Disputes
May 22 to 23 May 2014, Geneva, Switzerland

This intensive two-day workshop was presented by Professors Robert H. Mnookin (Harvard Law School) and Gary J. Friedman (The Center for Mediation in Law, Mill Valley, California) to lawyers, business executives, patent and trademark attorneys, and others who wished to familiarize themselves with the mediation process and to receive training as mediators. The Workshop included lectures and simulated mediation exercises related to intellectual property disputes, and gave participants an opportunity to speak directly with WIPO Center senior staff.

Supporting Organization of DRBF 14th Annual International Conference (16 - 17 May 2014)

CIArb Singapore was a Supporting Organization of the DRBF 14th Annual International Conference – 16-17 May 2014

Dispute Boards (DBs) are recognized worldwide for their effectiveness in the real time avoidance and resolution of disputes on major projects. Embraced by government agencies, private owners, and multilateral development banks, DBs ensure project success through significant decreases in costs and time overruns.

This DBRF annual International Conference was hosted for the first time in Asia, in Singapore.  It attracted top Dispute Board practitioners, employers, funding institutions, contractors, legal professionals and consultants all active in alternative dispute resolution.

Day one offered full-day interactive training, with an introductory level workshop for those new to the process, and an advanced level workshop for experienced Dispute Board practitioners. The two-day conference featured engaging presentations and lively panel discussions about the latest developments and issues facing the alternative dispute resolution community worldwide. Case studies, insight from the international financing institutions, and cost benefit analysis was presented, along with insight on the future prospects for expanding the Dispute Board process in Southeastern Asia and beyond.

Supporting Organization of Asian Maritime Law and Arbitration Conference (10-11 April 2014)

Asian Maritime Law and Arbitration Conference – 10 to 11 April 2014

The Asian Maritime Law & Arbitration Conference (“AMLAC”) took place from 10 to 11 April 2014 at the Supreme Court Auditorium, and CIArb Singapore was a Supporting Organisation.  It featured significant legal and dispute resolution topics drawn from milestones in a ship’s life cycle on issues commonly faced by a shipowner, shipyard, financier and other relevant parties during the construction, trading and conversion phases.

CIArb-WIPO-SIAC Intellectual Property, Media & Technology Arbitration Symposium 2014 (13-14 March 2014)

CIArb-WIPO-SIAC Intellectual Property, Media & Technology Arbitration Symposium 2014 (13-14 March 2014)
Innovation Under The Global Spotlight – Overcoming Challenges, Changing Mindsets

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Singapore Branch), in association with the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center and the Singapore International Arbitration Centre, successfully organised the CIArb-WIPO-SIAC Intellectual Property, Media & Technology Arbitration Symposium 2014, at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore.

The Senior Minister of State for Law & Education, Ms Indranee Rajah was the Guest of Honour and Keynote Speaker.

IP, technology and innovation are key drivers of economic growth globally and in Asia. The astonishing speed at which new ideas, products and technologies are being introduced into the world marketplace, coupled with the need to compete, create and innovate in the converging areas of Intellectual Property, Media and Technology, carries however risks and new challenges. What are those risks and challenges and how should businesses, innovators and their advisers deal with them? What mechanisms are currently in place to diffuse, avoid and resolve conflicts and what new measures and solutions should be considered?

Under the Singapore IP Hub Master Plan, Singapore aims to become a global IP hub with a world-class infrastructure and eco-system where businesses and investors are secure in protecting their rights, transacting deals across borders and resolving their disputes.

The views of leading IP, arbitration and ADR experts and business leaders from around the world were canvassed, discussed and debated during the 2-day symposium as they discussed their experiences and addressed the key issues, best practices and new solutions.

Talk by Neil Kaplan CBE QC SBS on 'The Do's and Don’t's of presenting a case to arbitrators'(10 February 2014)

Monday, 10 February 2014

There are many different ways of presenting a party’s case to an arbitral tribunal. Our distinguished speaker, Neil Kaplan shared his insights and provided practical tips on how parties should approach this all important aspect in the context of an international arbitration where parties may come from different backgrounds and the case conducted under different arbitration rules, beginning from the road map that might be laid down at the first procedural meeting when directions are given through to the evidential hearing and post-hearing briefs.  He discussed how party representatives should generally present submissions, arguments and evidence to arbitral tribunals, what arbitral tribunals generally expect and what parties and their party representatives should – and should not – do, in order to achieve the best and most cost-effective result for their clients.




Force Majeure, Delay and Termination: the Perils and Pitfalls to Watch Out For” by Adam Constable QC
Monday, 16 September 2013
In this talk, Adam Constable QC Spoke on the perils and pitfalls associated with delays to projects and the effect of certain contractual clauses dealing with delays and termination, including:

• the interpretation of Force Majeure clauses which parties may seek to rely upon to extend the delivery or completion date; key aspects of the approach to construing such clauses in standard form contracts, such as the SAJ form (and what constitutes “Permissible Delays” and “beyond the control” of a party); and the identification and resolution of areas of ambiguity.

• when delay to construction may be a basis for contractual termination by an owner; how these issues should be approached from the owner’s and builder’s perspectives; the interrelationship with common law repudiatory breach, and election between contractual and common law remedies.

The talk was especially relevant in the light of the recent Singapore cases involving the ban of sand exports such as Holcim (Singapore) Pte Ltd v Precise Development Pte Ltd and another [2011] SGCA 1 and Alliance Concrete Singapore Pte Ltd v Sato Kogyo (S) Pte Ltd [2013] SGHC 127.

Supporting Organization of CIArb 2013 International Arbitration Conference
Thursday, 22 August 2013 to Saturday, 24 August 2013
About 300 people attended the CIArb 2013 International Arbitration Conference “Tapping Asia’s Growth” in Penang from 22-24 August 2013. The Chief Justice of Malaysia, Tun Ariffin Zakaria, gave the Opening Speech and the Chief Justice of Singapore, Sundaresh Menon, gave the Keynote Address. The speakers and panellists included judges from many different countries, including Singapore’s Justice Judith Prakash, and representatives from many arbitral institutions. Participants at the 3-day conference discussed the growth of arbitration in countries in Asia and its leading arbitral institutions, the challenges and risks facing the arbitration community and users and many other topical issues. The highlight of the conference would have been Chief Justice’s Sundaresh Menon’s Keynote Address “Some Cautionary Notes For An Age of Opportunity”, in which he spoke on various issues that the international arbitration community needed to address in order to better respond to challenges to a changing environment. Importantly, his cautionary tales included his views on possible responses to those challenges.

Strategies for managing risks and resolving disputes involving Chinese parties in International Arbitrators by Ruth Stackpool-Moore & Lim Seok Hui
Monday, 22 July 2013
An increase in the number of cross-border disputes involving Chinese parties is inevitable as inbound and outbound investment in China continues to surge. Parties doing business with Chinese parties need to be aware of the risks and challenges they face, including different avenues for resolving disputes, drafting effective dispute resolution clauses and enforcing awards.

Our distinguished speakers from two leading arbitration institutions shared their views and perspectives on this important subject. Ruth Stackpool-Moore, the Managing Counsel of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC), examined the precautionary steps businesses may take to successfully manage their risks in the course of such dealings, including what measures they should take to ensure the effective resolution of disputes and in what areas HKIAC Rules can assist any party dealing with Chinese entities.  Ms Lim Seok Hui, Chief Executive Officer of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), discussed SIAC’s recent experience with arbitrations involving Chinese parties from a variety of industry sectors and common issues including drafting contracts with Chinese parties, language of contracts and the arbitration, the effect of Chinese legislation, numbers of arbitrators and enforcement requirements in China.

ALA-CIArb-SCCA Triangular Golf Game (See Photos)
Friday, 31 May 2013
The inaugural friendly triangular golf game between the ASEAN Law Association (Singapore), the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Singapore) and the Singapore Corporate Counsel Association was played at the Island Course of the Singapore Island Country Club. Save for the interruption by adverse weather towards the end, the event proved to be most enjoyable and memorable for the 45 participants who sweated and put in their best efforts for the associations they were representing in vying for the challenge trophy. In the end, Team CIArb won the challenge trophy but just by one Stableford point ahead of Team ALA. All the same, hip-hip-hooray Team CIArb!

The CIArb golf tournament that took place concurrently with the friendly triangular saw keen competition amongst CIArb members. This tournament was won by Lee Ah Teng. Yong Eng Wah took the second placing and the third placing went to Carl Wong. Congratulations to the winners! The sumptuous buffet dinner with its generous spread after the golf game was equally enjoyable. The evening presented a splendid opportunity for participants to mingle and get to know each other. Speeches in the form of golf jokes by Justice Lee Seiu Kin, Richard Tan and Chua Lee Ming provided the laughter that made the event completely memorable. We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to the main sponsor – Thirty Nine Essex Street Chambers, and to the subsidiary sponsors – Rajah & Tann and Merrill Corporation, for their generous contributions. Last but not least, special thanks to Justice Lee Seiu Kin, Richard Tan and Chua Lee Ming for donating the challenge trophy for the triangular golf game.

Essay Competition & Singapore Branch Members’ Evening
Thursday, 30 May 2013
The Branch held its mid-year Members’ evening on 30 May 2013. Almost a hundred members and guests attended the event at the Ritz Carlton hotel. We were also privileged to have Senior Minister of State for Law and Education, Ms Indranee Rajah, attend as our guest of honour and to announce the winners of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Singapore 2013 YMG essay competition jointly organized with Thirty Nine Essex Street Chambers and present the prizes.

The curtain raiser for the evening was a talk by Neil Block QC of Thirty-Nine Essex Street Chambers on privilege in international arbitrations and the recent English Supreme Court decision in R (on the application of Prudential plc and another) v Special Commissioner of Income Tax and another [2013] 2 WLR 325, which held that legal professional privilege did not attach to legal advice given by accountants in relation to their clients’ tax affairs. Mr Block discussed the reasoning of the majority and dissenting opinions in that case, and suggested that the decision may not be followed in other jurisdictions. He then went on to examine the difficulty of determining what rules should be applied where the parties have different expectations as to the scope (if any) of the law of privilege in international arbitration proceedings. Mr Block discussed solutions to this problem including the adoption of a ‘most favoured nation’ approach, where parties and the tribunal might rely on the national law of the party which offered the broadest scope of privilege.

The Chairman of the Branch, Richard Tan, gave a speech to welcome members and guests, some of whom travelled from overseas. He spoke on the recent work of the Singapore Branch in conducting talks, training seminars and workshops on arbitration for members of the Institute and members of the public, organizing various activities for the Branch, including networking and social events, and importantly, its initiatives encouraging thought leadership and creative thinking, such as the recent essay competition, all of which were geared towards the further development of international arbitration, best practices and the promotion of the objectives of the Chartered Institute, which now had more than 12,500 members around the world. He observed that the ranks of the Singapore branch were rapidly expanding and warmly welcomed the new members who had recently joined the Singapore Branch through the various pathways programmes offered by the Institute and congratulated them on their success. He expressed grateful appreciation for the contributions of the volunteers on the main committee and sub-committees, all of whom were busy professionals and called for more members to step forward. The Singapore Branch was particularly glad to have worked and collaborated with many arbitral institutions in holding workshops and seminars not just in Singapore but in neighbouring countries and as an expression of its appreciation for their contributions and support during the past year, the Chairman presented plaques of appreciation to representatives of the SIAC, ICC, AAA/ICDR, the CIArb Malaysian Branch and the CIArb Philippines Chapter. Individual tokens of appreciation were also given to certain members and to speakers and tutors involved in the courses and workshops in recognition of their special contributions.

Senior Minister of State, Ms Rajah gave a short address to the audience in which she noted the Singapore Branch’s work in training on arbitration and highlighted Singapore’s continued upward trajectory as a centre for international arbitration and which has led to many international law firms setting up practices here to support the growing numbers of international arbitrations using Singapore as a seat and venue for international cases. She also identified certain areas including intellectual property disputes for further development in future.
The evening was particularly special as it served as the occasion for the Senior Minister of State to announce the winners of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Singapore branch) YMG essay competition jointly held with Thirty Nine Essex Street Chambers on the topic “A regulatory framework for arbitrators and increased arbitral accountability: ideas to reinvigorate arbitration or stifle it?”, a topic that was inspired by the Chief Justice’s recent talks. The judging was conducted by a panel from Thirty Nine Essex Street Chambers and the CIArb Singapore Branch. The results were announced with great anticipation and suspense, and the prizes presented by the Senior Minister of State to the three best entries. We warmly congratulate the following winners of the competition.

First Prize: Ms. Harpreet Kaur Dhillon
Second Prize: Ms. Aurora Villacellino
Third Prize: Ms. Sapna Jhangiani

The generous cash prizes for the essay competition and the drinks for the evening were sponsored by Thirty Nine Essex Street Chambers. The winning essay will be published in a forthcoming issue of the CIArb Journal and will be uploaded to this website when published. After the formal announcements, members and guests mingled over canapés and free flow of wine and drinks late into the evening of what was a highly enjoyable and prestigious event. We are very grateful to Thirty Nine Essex Street Chambers for its sponsorship and especially to Mr David Barnes.

Talk on the Jackson Reforms and how they can be applied to International Arbitrations: A Talk by the HON. Mr. Justice Vivian Ramsey
Saturday, 18 May 2013
The Hon. Mr. Justice Vivian Ramsey has been instrumental in implementing the reforms recommended in Lord Justice Jackson’s Report on Civil Litigation Costs in England. They involve a new approach to managing the costs of civil litigation in the courts. On 18 May 2013, the Branch was honoured to have Sir Vivian speak to the Branch about those reforms and how certain techniques could be applied in an international arbitration context.

Sir Vivian explained some of the more significant changes to the procedural rules in England introduced on 1 April 2013 that seek to maintain control over time and costs in litigation. One of the new approaches was to focus on cost management using a number of techniques. The parties are to prepare and obtain court approval of a costs budget for their dispute, they may select from a range of disclosure options, from old-fashioned Peruvian Guano-style trail of enquiry discovery to the limited production of only those documents on which a party wishes to rely and in certain cases without any discovery. The court will also exercise increased scrutiny over the use of expert witnesses, including cost capping. Sir Vivian proposed that these cost control mechanisms could be adopted by tribunals in an international arbitration setting to address the sustained criticism by many users of the spiralling costs and length of time to reach a final award.

The talk was chaired by the Chairman of the Singapore branch, Richard Tan, and in the lively discussions that followed, some members queried whether imposing some of them could extend beyond an arbitral tribunal’s ordinary mandate or under certain institutional rules and could give grounds for setting aside an award made against such a procedural background. Solutions were offered and discussed and overall, it was felt that the mechanisms introduced in England were clearly in the right direction and some of the techniques could usefully be applied to international arbitrations and would benefit users if used correctly and properly case-managed. The session was extremely informative and thought-provoking. We are very grateful that Sir Vivian Ramsey could take time on a Saturday morning to speak on this important topic, and to Stamford Law for the use of its offices to hold the talk. After the talk, members were invited to join a lunch with Sir Vivian at the Fullerton Bay Hotel.

Arbitration Surgery Workshop on Emergency Arbitrator Relief and Networking Dinner in Manila
Friday, 15 March 2013
The Singapore Branch held an Arbitration Surgery Workshop on Interim Measures and Emergency Arbitrator Relief in association with the Philippines CIArb Chapter. Representatives from the ICC, SIAC, AAA/ICDR and the CIArb Branches and Chapters spoke at the workshop. A networking dinner followed the workshop and a golf game the following day.

Arbitration Surgery Workshop in Malaysia
Friday, 01 March 2013
Arbitration Surgery Workshop on Interim Measures – Malaysia 1 March 2013, Prince Hotel – Following the successful Singapore arbitration surgery workshop in October 2012, the Singapore Branch held jointly with the Malaysian Branch and the KLRCA, a similar workshop on Interim Measures and Emergency Arbitrator relief in Kuala Lumpur on 1 March 2013. The distinguished speakers were Mr Minn Naing Oo, Ms Khong Cheng Yee, Mr Michael Lee, Ms Rammit Kaur and Mr Richard Tan. The workshop was led by Richard Tan, and moderated by Jonathan Choo.

The workshop was attended by about 40 participants who went through various case scenarios on interim relief measures. The emergency arbitrator procedures under the latest ICC, SIAC and the ICDR/AAA Rules were discussed, as well as the KLRCA Rules. The workshop was followed by a networking dinner attended by participants from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and other countries. There was a golf game the next day at the Tropicana Golf Club. Our thanks to the KLRCA, SIAC, ICC and ICDR/AAA for supporting this workshop and for taking part in it, and also to the Malaysian branch for their hospitality.

CIArb Singapore members’ lunch with Lord Saville
Saturday, 02 February 2013
The Singapore Branch was pleased to organize an informal lunch at the Tanglin Club on Saturday, 2 February 2013 for its members to meet Lord Saville (the principal draftsman of the English Arbitration Act 1996), who was visiting Singapore to give a keynote address at the Law Society Litigation Conference. A small group of members who signed up for this event enjoyed a delicious lunch and had the opportunity to chat with Lord Saville on a wide range of topics. The wine was sponsored by the Branch Chairman.


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