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Strong take-up drives expansion at Maxwell Chambers

The Ministry of Law (MinLaw) on Thursday announced that 65 per cent of the new office space at 28 Maxwell Road has already been taken up even before refurbishment works begin. To meet the strong leasing demand, the ministry will build a second annexe block to add 3,500 square feet (sq ft) of office space, on top of the 120,000 sq ft expansion that was originally planned. The whole development has also been renamed Maxwell Chambers Suites to reflect its new role as an integral part of Singapore’s dispute resolution ecosystem, Indranee Rajah, Senior Minister of State for Law and Finance, said in her keynote address at the groundbreaking ceremony.

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HK passes bill allowing third-party arbitration funding

Hong Kong’s Legislative Council on Wednesday passed a bill allowing third-party funding in arbitration, which is expected to come into effect later this year. Singapore, Asia’s other leading arbitration seat, passed a similar bill in January, so this move is “a welcome development, which will help Hong Kong maintain its status as one of the world’s leading dispute resolution centres,” said Justin D’Agostino, global head of disputes at Herbert Smith Freehills, in a statement.

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Arbitration on the rise in Asian trade” clauses

New research has shown that Singapore is the leading arbitration hub in Asia, and is now the fourth seat in the world.The city state is the most preferred destination for arbitrations conducted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Asia, with 6% of all new ICC cases being held in Singapore. The number of domestic arbitrations remained constant in 2015, but there are a rising number of foreign parties bringing cases to the ICC in Singapore. In over 71% of all cases, there was a non-Singaporean party involved. In half the cases, a non-Singapore arbitrator was appointed. The ICC’s recently-appointed director in South Asia Abhinav Bhushan tells GTR that Singapore’s growing role in arbitration is down to its excellent infrastructure.

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The International Arbitration Bill: South Africa as a preferred Arbitration Venue on the Horizon?” clauses

As the world becomes more globalised and as ongoing international investment interest and economic growth across Africa continues unabated, a sound international arbitration framework provides international and local businesses in Africa with a comfortingly familiar process, that, if managed properly, can provide private, effective and cost effective dispute resolution for those venturing into new markets or growing in existing markets.

The number of arbitral centres across the African continent is also growing in line with economic growth in Africa and arbitration users are slowly moving away from the traditional arbitration centres in London, Paris and New York. Unfortunately, still relatively few international arbitration cases are heard on African soil or use African arbitrators.

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CIETAC launches first public-private partnership arbitration centre in China” clauses

On 16 May 2017, the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) launched the CIETAC Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Arbitration Centre. The opening ceremony was attended by Wang Chengjie, the CIETAC Secretary General and Vice Chairman, Jiao Xiaoping, Director of PPP of the Ministry of Finance, other leading officials, and arbitrators and experts from the PPP industry, construction and engineering supervision industries.

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Japan to open center for international business arbitration” clauses

TOKYO — With more companies seeking to settle disputes through arbitration, Japan’s public and private sectors are joining hands to create a new center for commercial arbitration to boost the number of cases handled in the country. The new center for international arbitration could be set up as early as this year in Tokyo. Lawyer groups, corporations and other private-sector actors will take the lead in its operation. The Japan Commercial Arbitration Association could use the facility as its base while mediating international corporate disputes. Similar associations from other countries may use it as well.

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Singapore Court of Appeal confirms the validity of “unilateral option to arbitrate” clauses

In the recent decision of Wilson Taylor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd v Dyna-Jet Pte Ltd [2017] SGCA 32, the Singapore Court of Appeal confirmed that the Singapore courts will enforce a dispute resolution clause which gives only one party the option to arbitrate. The court also clarified the requirements and threshold for a stay of proceedings to be granted under section 6 of the Singapore International Arbitration Act (“IAA“)

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ICC launches new online research tool: ICC Digital Library

At the world business organization, we recognise the importance of information and knowledge to your business and legal practices. That’s why we’ve created the ICC Digital Library. Through this online service, we’ll deliver easy, 24/7 access to our vast collection of essential reference materials to promote innovative research, learning and more.

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Lawyers must raise their game to stay ahead of the times: Shanmugam

In the past, law firms could charge clients according to the headcount on their team. Now in the digital age, where artificial intelligence and algorithms can substitute a lawyer and obliterate geographical borders, lawyers will have to raise their game and consider how they can offer value-added services. Speaking at the opening of a two-day litigation conference yesterday, Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam stressed the importance of lawyers here moving beyond “low-value” and “routine” work that could be done by others.

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Arbitration pioneer Alvin Yeo offers tip to young lawyers

Whether it is handling the decade- long Susan Lim court saga or a $250 million arbitration spat involving firms backed by famed Malaysian and Indonesian tycoons, Senior Counsel (SC) Alvin Yeo is a master of his craft – both in litigation court work and arbitration advocacy. The former MP and veteran lawyer, who led teams in the two high-profile cases, told The Straits Times both were equally challenging but required the two different skill sets. He also advises young lawyers to cut their teeth in court work first, before plunging into arbitration where both your competitors and your markets are global.

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